train (s.xii3/4)

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train (s.xii3/4)



1costumetrain (of dress)
( s.xiiiin; MS: s.xiiiin )  sirma: .i. train  99
2manner, way of life
( c.1170; MS: s.xiiiex )  Il ad [...] le vis taunt rosin, Il n'est pas lungement alé en tiel train  4065
( s.xii2; MS: s.xiii2/4 )  Mal acointas tu sun train, El te fra le chief enclin  487
3peregrination, travel
( s.xiiiin; MS: s.xiii3/4 )  De fu en freit ert tun train  355
4band, company
( s.xii3/4; MS: s.xiv2 )  (The Amazons) Chevachent beles mules a dorrees seeles. La poudrere lieve en l'ost del train desuz celes; Suz les muls des caillous levent les [es]tenceles  6183
sivre sun train
1to follow, be at one's command
( c.1170; MS: s.xiiiex )  a lui sunt tuit aclin Li home del pais e siwent sun train  3699
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