henir (1121-35)

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henir (1121-35)


[ FEW: 4,427b hinnire; Gdf: ; GdfC: 9,752c hennir; TL: 4,1055 henir; DEAF: H351 henir; DMF:  hennir; TLF:  hennir; OED:  hinny v.; MED:  hini v.; DMLBS: ]
henyr,  hinir,  hynir;  hennir,  hennyr;  hinnir,  hynnyr;  hener;  hyner  


1horsessoundzool.to neigh, whinny
( 1121-35; MS: s.xii3/3 )  As pulains vunt curant La u sunt hennissant  1090
( c.1200; MS: s.xiii3/4 )  La verriez si fort cel capleiz, Seles vuider, henir ces arabiz  (B) 3635
( c.1290; MS: 1307-25 )  Chivaul(e) henist (M.E. neyez), alouwe chaunte  252
( s.xivin; MS: 1312-40 )  e oyt les chyvals hynnyr, e vist les healmes relusantz  10.36
( 1356-57; MS: s.xivex )  [...] em oit voiz des gentz, et chivalx hennir, et cokes chaunter  420
fig.soundto howl
( MS: s.xii2/4 )  Cil d’Ociant i braient e henissent, E cil d’Arguille si cum chen glatissent  3526
( c.1305; MS: c.1330 )  Ceo est le faus avocat mult cher alouee, Pur hynir e braher encontre verité E susteyner la partye qe tient fauscetee  223


1horsessoundzool.neighing, whinnying
( c.1305; MS: c.1330 )  Ceo cheval seit henir [...] Sun henir si est blaspheme  122
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