letanie (c.1136-37)

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letanie (c.1136-37)

[ FEW: 5,375a litania; Gdf: ; GdfC: 10,88a litanie; TL:  letanie; DEAF: ; DMF:  litanie; TLF:  litanie; OED:  litany n.; MED:  letani(e n.; DMLBS: 1623c litania ]
letagnie,  letenie;  letaine,  letayne  


1eccl.liturgicallitany, a form of prayer, often used in processions
( 1190-93; MS: s.xiv2/4 )  Devoutement les verseilerent E la letenie ensement  3631
( c.1215; MS: 1330-40 )  Puis firent lur procession Ou letagnie (var. (P: s.xvin) letanie) tot environ  114
( c.1390; MS: s.xivex )  quant jeo puiss oir le chapellein Sa letanie dire et sa leçoun  357.XXIIII.4
( a.1399 )   vij salmes et le letanye  145
letanie maiur
1eccl.timeliturgicalLitania major, April 25th
( c.1136-37; MS: s.xiiex )  La nuit de Letaine majur  5145
2eccl.timeliturgicalrogation days, the three days prior to Ascension Day upon which litanies are chanted
( c.1292; MS: c.1300 )  en jours de majours letanies  i 346
letanie septaine
1eccl.liturgicalsevenfold litany
( 1214; MS: 1214-16 )  Car la letanie septaine [...] celebrer Ensemble al jor demain vendrons  1068
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