ossele (c.1290)

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ossele (c.1290)

[ gdw]

[ FEW: 25,595b astella; Gdf: 1,456c astele; GdfC: 8,218c astelle; TL: 1,610 astele; DEAF:  os (ossele); DMF:  attelle; TLF:  attelle; OED: ; MED: ; DMLBS: 146c astella ]
oscele;  hocele,  hoscele,  hossele, 
pl. hosselez,  osteole  (O) 338va  

The text editor suggests that this word, only found in Bibbesworth material and the related Femina, is nothing but an alternative spelling of astele – a ‘made-up word based on the ‘standard’ astele/estele’ (Fem2 p.67.n525). The primary sense of astele is ‘splinter’, hence ‘piece of wood’, and thus referring to the ‘hame’ or ‘curved piece of wood’ which supports a horse-collar’. The Middle English glosses (homes, hambors and berynghamez; see MED hame n.2, ham-berwe n. and berw-ham n.) confirm this sense, and the possibility of confusing ‘c’ with ‘t’ and ‘o’ with ‘e’ in medieval manuscripts would explain the formation and thus the etymology of this word. See also William Rothwell, ‘The semantic Field of Old French Astele: The Pitfalls of the Medieval Gloss in Lexicography’, Journal for French Language studies 12 (2002), 211-228.


1equit.implementhame (one two curved pieces of wood or metal which support a horse-collar)
( c.1290; MS: 1307-25 )  (how to light an oven:) Les asteles mettez en travers Les chenés furchez (M.E. aundhirnes) de fers. Si des osceles (var. (T: 1415-20) hesteles) du chival (M.E. hambors) Facez asteles, vos frés mal  1007
( s.xvin; MS: s.xv1 )  Escolers de quyer ové lour hosselez (M.E. Coleres of leþyr wit hare berynghamez)  67.2
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