palestre (s.xii3/4)

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palestre (s.xii3/4)

[ hap]

[ FEW: 7,484b palaestra; Gdf: 5,706b palestre; GdfC: 10,261b palestre; TL: 7,102 palestre; DEAF:  palestre; DMF:  palestre; TLF:  palestre; OED:  palaestra n.; MED:  palestre n.; DMLBS: 2083a palaestra ]
palastre,  paleste  

Gdf (5,706b) includes the citation from Rom Chev ants 755 which it defines as ‘protecteur’. This definition is repeated by the DEAF. No such sense can be found for the Latin etymon palaestra. The sense of de paleste in this citation seems to be ‘as a result of a struggle’. The form of the word remains problematic, as it rhymes with honeste however the form without ‘r’ is also attested in Trist.


1sportswrestling, grappling
( s.xii3/4; MS: s.xiv2 )  Bien siet a cheval e savoit de palestre [...] De lettrure e d'engin e de labur champestre  452
( s.xii4/4; MS: s.xiii )  plusurs jus comencer funt D'eskermies e de palest[r]es  (D) 2069
struggle, fight
( s.xii3/4; MS: s.xiv2 )  Sur le chef Phelippon met la real corone, Veant toz ses barons son servise ly abandone [...] La corone resçust Phelippe de paleste  (ms. palestre) E dit qe mult est bone e riche e honeste  755
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