peine2 (s.xii/xiii)

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peine2 (s.xii/xiii)

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[ FEW: 8,101a pecten; Gdf: ; GdfC: 10,304b peigne; TL: 7,548 peigne; DEAF:  peigne; DMF:  peigne; TLF:  peigne; OED: ; MED: ; DMLBS: 2160b pecten ]
peigne,  pene,  penie;  peyne;  pigne;  pyne,  pyngne; 
pl. peynis,  pynde  iv 221  

The definition ‘kind of fish, plaice’ is suggested by the DMLBS as sense 3 sub pecten. However, pecten is the genus name of ‘scallops’ (which was the definition preferred in AND1 sub peine3). It is impossible in the context of these Port Books to determine exactly which commodity is referred to, and both senses are therefore included (cf. FEW pecten 8,103b: ‘coquille de Saint-Jacques’ and ‘poisson du genre gobie’).


1cosmet.implementcomb, instrument with teeth used for arranging or cleaning hair
( MS: s.xiv1/3 )  Ja teygnous (=sufferer from scab) n'amera pyngne  428.2
( s.xiv1; MS: s.xivm )  Et peynez ton chief de peyne d'yvoyre car ceo houste les superfluités du cheief  10.76
( 1380 )  deux rasours et deux pynes  i 144
( 1396; MS: s.xivex )  Janyn, baillez ça mon pigne, que m'amie me pourra pigner la teste  43.29
cosmet.costumeornamental comb worn in the hair
( MS: c.1250 )  De vesitibus mulierum: [...] hoc piletorium vel pecten: peigne  i 424.354
( 1415-17; MS: s.xv1 )  Et, se mestre y soit, j'ay un coiffe, peigne et covrechief de soy, de file et de coton  (D) 25.298
2textileimplementslay, weaver's instrument used for beating up the weft
( MS: s.xii/xiii )  Sed frustra quis telam ordietur, nisi pectines (glosses: peines) (var. (C: xiii2) penespenies) ferrei, lanam pro capillis gerentes, virtute ignis mollien[dum], longo et resiproco certamine sese depilaverint, ut magis sincera pars et habilior lane educta ad opus staminis reservetur  i 185.73 and ii 73.73, 88.73 and 93.73
3ich.zool.kind of fish, plaice or scallop (?)
( 1428 )  .xviij. barels de saumon [...]; .ij. cades de heryng [...]; .xij. bales de alum [...]; .j. barel de peynes, valor .xx. s. [...] .j. tone de vin [...]  65.334
pectinem  peiner#2  peineresse  peinet#1  penil#2 
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