pikerel (s.xiii2)

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pikerel (s.xiii2)

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[ FEW: *8,432a picus; Gdf: ; GdfC: ; TL: ; DEAF:  pike (pikerel); DMF: ; TLF: ; OED:  pickerel n.1; MED:  pikerel n.; DMLBS: 2279b pikerellus ]

The TLL attestation has been added because all other glosses to this particular Latin text are Anglo-Norman. In Classical Latin squilla refers to a variety of crustaceans (cf. Lewis and Short scilla, 1642c), but in medieval times the word seems to have been used for a variety of fish (cf. DMLBS squilla 2, 3174b).


1ich.zool.young pike, freshwater fish with a pointed snout and teeth
( MS: s.xiii2 )  pikerel: squilla  i 368
( 1298 )  Nous vous mandoms que l’ewesque de Cardoill suffrez prendre seyssante pikerels en nostre lay [...] qui est dedens les bundes de nostre forest d’Englewode, pour estorer ent nos fosses entour le chastel de Cardoill  71
( 1396; MS: s.xv1 )  makerels, luces, brochelers, pikerels, anguilles, lamprons  11.10
pic#1  pike#1 
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