piper2 (c.1165)

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piper2 (c.1165)

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[ FEW: 8,562a *pippare; Gdf: ; GdfC: 10,342b piper; TL: 7,965 piper; DEAF:  piper; DMF:  piper; TLF:  piper 1; OED:  peep v.2 / pip v.2 / pipe v.1; MED:  pipen v.; DMLBS: 2287c pipare 1 ]


1musicto play a pipe, flute or similar wind instrument
( a.1399 )  (the minstrels) comencerount de trumper et de naker et piper  103.1
2mammalssoundzool.to squeak, emit a high-pitched sound (like a mouse)
( c.1165; MS: s.xiii2 )  La suriz pipe en aut e crie Que quida tut estre perie. Un escufle i vient roant, Vit la suriz ki veit pipant [...]  60.71 and 74
( 1212; MS: 1212-13 )  (The Devil) Quant chat fut donc meaunonot, [...] Si baeillot quant ert berbiz, E pippot quant se feinst souriz  8514
orn.soundzool.to chirp, squeak
( MS: s.xiiiex )  Ore parlerai de la pepie. En la launge li (=a bird) solt venir, Piper li fet e mult fremir  71.670
pipe#1  pipee  piper#1 
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