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[pople]3 (1280-1310)

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[ FEW: ; Gdf: ; GdfC: ; TL: ; DEAF: ; DMF: ; TLF: ; OED:  popple n.2; MED:  pople n.1; DMLBS: ]
pebel;  pobel,  pobell,  poble,  pobyl;  popell,  popil,  popill,  popul,  popule  

None of the citations are definitely Anglo-Norman and these glosses may be considered Middle English.

The OED (Third Edition, 2006) confirms the uncertain origin of the word, but suggest a possible association with poppy n., with an -le suffix, through association with cockle n.1 (with both words referring to plants with similar red flowers).


1bot.agriculturalcorn-cockle, darnel
( MS: 1280-1310 )  Vigellum: pobel(var. pobell (B7)MS: s.xiv; poble (C5)MS: s.xv; pebel (C6)MS: s.xv; pobyl (C22)MS: s.xv)  262(A3)
( MS: s.xiv )  Nigella: popill, nele, cockyl(var. cokell, popell (C7)MS: s.xv; cokyl, popil, neel (C21)MS: s.xv)  186(B4)
( MS: s.xv )  Flos Campi: popule  119(C21)
( MS: s.xv )  Sceleratum: popul  232(C14)
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