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rechiner1 (1155)


[ FEW: 16,323a *kinan; Gdf: 7,85c reschignier; GdfC: 10,499a rechigner; TL: 8,417 rechignier; DEAF: ; DMF:  rechigner / rechigné; TLF:  rechigner; OED: ; MED: ; DMLBS: ]
rechener,  rechigner,  rechingner,  rechinier,  rechinner;  reschiner,  reschinner,  reschinnier,  rechincier, reschisnant  753  

The verb seems to have a certain level of overlap with rechaner (‘to bray’). Etymologically, rechaner derives from *kinni and refers to a sound, whereas rechiner1 comes from *kinan and refers to an action (of baring one’s teeth), which, incidentally, may have been accompanied by sound. Some Anglo-Norman sources seem not to have distinguished the two etyma/senses, and may have considered rechan- and rechin- simply variant spellings of the same word.


rechiner (ses (etc.)) dents (sur)
1to snarl, gnash one’s teeth (at)
( 1155; MS: s.xiii4/4 )  Dunc les veissez bien suffler, [...] Sorcilz lever, sorcilz baissier, Denz reschinner, colur muer  1137
( c.1195; MS: s.xiii4/4 )  devils Entrerent tuit en la maisun [...]; Sur lui rechinnerent lur denz  838


1to snarl, gnash one’s teeth, grimace
( 1190-93; MS: s.xiv1 )  Quant ly felun rei ceo oy, Frunchi del frunt, les denz croissi, Juinst des surcils, des oilz reoine, [...] Reschinnia, [...]  4658
( s.xiiiex; MS: s.xivin )  reschinnerunt et frunt un egre semblant pur la grant angoisse en la peine d’enfer  139.35-36
( MS: s.xivm )  Bone enfant doit a manger Garder sa lange de jangler, Ne doit rier ne rechiner  429.35
rechiner des, od les dents
1to snarl, gnash one’s teeth, grimace
( s.xiiex; MS: s.xiii2 )  Si rechinat od les denz Cum mastin qui mort les genz  1046
( c.1240; MS: c.1300 )  De la dolur [...] Reschine dé dens cume resvé  139

1snarling, gnashing
( s.xiii3/4; MS: s.xiii3/4 )  il i ad une manere de humes ki [...] funt taineres desuz la terre, e en liu de mesuns iloec habitent e manguent les serpenz e quantke poet estre masché. Si ne unt pas voiz ne parole, mes aussi cum une noise rechinante  22
( s.xivin; MS: s.xivm )  le beof est trop hurtant e le chival trop regiwant et le leverer trop rechinant  78


1snarling, gnashing, grimacing
( c.1170; MS: s.xiiiex )  Lors sailli un avant: nez fu de Cananee. Mut fud hidus e grant od chiere rechignee  1464


1snarling, gnashing one’s teeth, grimacing
( s.xiiiex; MS: s.xivin )  les hydous diables les espanterent unqore par lour reschinner  139.34
rechine  rechinement  rechinur 
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