rest1 (s.xiii2)

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rest1 (s.xiii2)


[ FEW: *25,309a *arrestare; Gdf: ; GdfC: ; TL: ; DEAF:  arester (*); DMF: ; TLF: ; OED:  rest n.2; MED:  rest(e n.2; DMLBS: 2808a restum 2 ]

An aphetic form of arest1. For possible overlap with the restare word family, see the commentary to rester1.


1rest, stop
( s.xiii4/4; MS: 1315-25 )  Plui [sic] li =Joseph plout icele geste =a drink of water Ke nule charsale  (ed. char salé) =shelter u reste  288
2lawseizure, impounding (of goods)
( s.xv )  soit prest de prover qe les biens arrestuz furent ses biens propres a temps del rest fait  ii 147
rest de boef
1bot.restharrow, cammock, perennial shrub with pink flowers, Ononis repens
( s.xiii2 )  Resta bovis: gallice rest de beof, anglice [hyseneherde vel] cammok  156.30
( MS: s.xv2 )  Resta bovis: (C6) gallice rest de befys, anglice cammok, hareberde (var. (C32: s.xv) reste de bove;  (C39: s.xv) gallice restyuef, anglice restelbowe )  220
arest#1  arestboef  restboef  restement#2  rester#2 
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