severable (s.xiiiex)

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severable (s.xiiiex)


[ FEW: *11,473b separare; Gdf: 7,411a sevrable; GdfC: ; TL: 9,606 sevrable; DEAF:  sevrer (sevrable); DMF: ; TLF: ; OED:  severable a.; MED: ; DMLBS: 3032a separabilis ]


1 able to be separated, taken away from each other
( s.xiiiex; MS: s.xiv1/3 )  Si les jurours en petites assises [...] seient de divers assenz, pur ceo ne sont il mie manasable ne enprisonable, einz sunt tretables et severables e examinables  148
livestock mammals (of young animal) able to be weaned, separated from the mother
( c.1334; MS: s.xivm )  primes nurri severables bestes selonc l'age et nature q'il avoient diverse  5.6
2 law separate, individual, distinct
( 1483-84 )  in [sic] le declaracioun fueront divers choses severabilis  ii 56.15
law several, belonging fully to one individual person (and not jointly with other owners)
( s.xiiiex; MS: s.xiv1/3 )  De communs biens ne tient lu nule severable actioun  63
( 1345 )  seoffrir un a voucher et autre de pleder al accion d'autre parcelle qe serreit a supposer nostre accion estre severable  19 Ed III 259
( 1452 )  quere si home soit seisi en fee de un carue de terre severable vers toutz auterz forsque vers un  i 17


1 law severalty, private property, land held in individual ownership (and not jointly with other owners)
( 1314 )  pur ceo qe nous trovames etc. [...] en nostre several damage etc. Scrope: Ditez coment vostre severable, le quel la terme [sic] fuit semee  Ed II xvi 115
separacion  separément  separer  severablement  several  severalement  severalté  severance  severaument#1  severauntment  severeement  severeison  severement#2  severer  severeure  severinement 
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