songerie (s.xiii2)

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songerie (s.xiii2)


[FEW: 12,86b somniare; Gdf: 7,474c songerie; GdfC: ; TL: 9,842 songerie; DEAF:  songe (songerie); DMF:  songerie; TLF:  songerie; OED:  songuary n.; MED:  songewarie n.; DMLBS: ]
soungerye,  songonaire (l. songuiaire?) soungnarie (l. sounguarie?)  

The etymological note of the OED (songuary n. third edition, 2017) suggests that the spelling songonaire and soungnarie may be the correct resolution of the u/n confusion, with the unetymological n introduced in analogy with Latin somnus and somniaria. However, English only attests the u spelling, and the Anglo-Norman form songonaire (with what appears to be an unetymological -on addition to the root) is more easily interpreted by taking oua as a variant of ua.


1dreaming, having dreams
( c.1305; MS: c.1330 ) Damoysele songeresse, qe creyt en soungerye  439
( 1360-79; MS: s.xivex ) Et si songent en leur songant Du sempiterne songerie  5286 of dream interpretations
( MS: s.xiii2 ) Autre songonaire (l. songouaire?) ci commence: [...]  49
( MS: 1272-82 ) Ci comence le soungnarie (l. sounguarie?) Daniel le prophete  37
songe#1  songeance  songement  songer  songeresse  songour 
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