supplement (s.xiim)

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supplement (s.xiim)


[FEW: 12,447a supplex; Gdf: 7,515c souplement; GdfC: 10,697b souplement; TL: 9,848 sople (soplement); DEAF:  sople (soplement); DMF:  souplement; TLF:  souplement; OED:  supplely adv.; MED: ; DMLBS: 3326c suppliciter]


1humbly, in supplication
( MS: s.xiim ) Trestuzpoanz e merciables Deus, jeo depri supplement ta pieté ke tu otreies mei  259
( 1165-80?; MS: s.xiiiin ) Preat pardun [...] E aprés suplement li dist: '[...]'  141.24
( s.xiii1; MS: s.xiv2 ) mult suplement e par grant devociun depreiai les deus que otriassent a mei [...]  445
supple  supplei  supplicate  supplicatif  supplication  supplicavit  supplier 
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