[ussel] (s.xiv1)

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[ussel] (s.xiv1)

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[ FEW: *7,438 ostium; Gdf: ; GdfC: ; TL: ; DEAF: ; DMF:  huissel; TLF: ; OED: ; MED: ; DMLBS: ]

The only attestation of this word is of little help to determine its precise meaning. The DMF article suggests that the word is used to refer to a small door within a larger one, as can be found in a church entrance or town gate. Behind this must lie the etymological interpretation of the word as a diminutive of us2, and therefore the definition is included in the AND as a plausible interpretation, despite the lack of contextual evidence. In contrast, the juxtaposition of the word to assel and essel can also be found in a passage of Bibbesworth’s Tretiz, where the context and the Middle English glosses suggest that the word should be read as a variant of heesel. The words ussel and heesel are both formally and semantically so similar (they are only differentiated by their etymologies) that it is difficult to truly separate them.


1archit.smaller door in a gate (?)
( s.xiv1; MS: s.xiv4/4 )  Item cestes paroules 'huissel', 'assel', 'essel' bien acordent en soune  37.F66
us#2  usserie#1  usserie#2  ussier  ussiere 
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