encharnir1 (1113-19)

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encharnir1 (1113-19)

[ FEW: 2/i,388a caro; Gdf: 3,96a encharner; GdfC: 9,450c encharner; TL: 3,192 encharner; DEAF: ; DMF:  encharnir / encharner / encarner; TLF: ; OED:  incarn v.; MED:  incarnen v.; DMLBS: 1287b incarnari ]
encharner;  encarner  


1theol.to incarnate, make flesh
( c.1136-65; MS: c.1200 )  (J.C.) encarnez Fud de la seinte Virgine e nez  999
( 1171-74; MS: c.1200 )  Des que Deus fu en la Virgene encarnez  5880
( s.xiii2; MS: s.xiv1/4 )  (J.C.) Enz en le ventre fust encharnyz Del saint Espirit  5


1theol.to become incarnate
( 1121-35; MS: s.xii3/3 )  Deus se humiliad Quant pur hume encarnad  356
( s.xiim; MS: s.xiim )  (God) voleit de sun lin Encharner  (ms. en chartier) en la fin Pur le secle sauver  45
theol.to be born
( s.xiii; MS: s.xiiiex )  tut cil (=men) que sunt encharné Puis ke li mund fu estoré  150


1theol.to become incarnate
( 1113-19; MS: s.xii3/3 )  Quant Deus fud mort en terre, Sun seigne alad requere Dunt il anceis turnat Quant pur nus se encarnad  1782
( s.xiii2/4; MS: s.xiii2 )  Deus [...] Pur nus se deignat encharner  2606


( 1267; MS: c.1300 )  (mankind) pus par parole encharnee Fu de pecché relevee  4717
2emotionaroused, excited (cf. T-L 3.192-93)
( 1354; MS: c.1360 )  si mon coer soit si encharny de coveytise [...]  87
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