reisol (c.1180)

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reisol (c.1180)


[ FEW: 10,37a retiolum; Gdf: 7,95b reseuil; GdfC: 10,555a resel; TL: 8,1420 roisel; DEAF:  roi 3 (roisel); DMF:  réseul / réseau; TLF: ; OED: ; MED: ; DMLBS: 2814c retiolum ]
resel,  reinsol  (ms. reisol)
pl. resauz  

As Morawski notes in Romania 50 (1924) p.511, Stengel corrects the reading in Prov Vil to rei[n]sol without explanation. This emendation is unnecessary and the added [n] unetymological.


1net, snare
( c.1180; MS: s.xiii2 )  a mouse proposes to help a lion: pur mei aider As cordes, que ci sunt, detrencher, E as resels ki sunt tenduz Ne serez mie si retenuz  106.39
( MS: s.xii4/4 )  Ki de reisol  (ed. rei[n]sol) se covre, de lius en lius ad freit  6.81
( s.xiii1/4; MS: s.xiiiex )  Mes les sodaus Jhesu Crist tendent lur resauz, E pernent ces petiz gupiz  1107
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