rumpure (c.1240)

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rumpure (c.1240)


[ FEW: 10,567a rumpere; Gdf: 7,232b rompeure; GdfC: ; TL: 8,1445 rompëure; DEAF:  rompre (rompeüre); DMF:  rompure; TLF: ; OED:  rumpure n.; MED: ; DMLBS: ]

The word as used in A-N Falconry is not transparent: it refers to an ornithological disease that if not treated well can lead to jaundice (felere) and that can become cicatrized (sursané). The current definition is one possibility, although the word might also be interpreted as a type of hernia, a surface wound, or even a bone-fracture. The DMLBS glosses the word in a similar context simply as ‘disease of hawks’ (ruptura 2874a).


1breach, violation
( MS: c.1450 )  pur rumpure dez treuves ou sauf-conduytes du roy  398
2pathol.rupture, breaking or opening (of a vein)
( MS: s.xiv )  Pur rumpure de veynes al fundement qe feit le sanc ysir par grant porcion  64.W57
pathol.hernia, tumour formed by the partial rupture of the containing cavity of an internal organ
( c.1240; MS: s.xiii3/4 )  si la rupture =in the walls lining the abdominal cavity est petite [...] faites en primant une liure sur la rumpure  i 79.xxxii
( MS: s.xiii3/4 )  Et puis botés ariere les bouels dedens et metez l'emplastre sus et la pel de levre sus et un platin de plum a la mesure de la rumpure par desus l'emplastre  329.17
( MS: c.1300 )  Pur rumpure e boel entamé: Si buel seit entamé, pernez senicle, si la batez, le jus li donez a beivre dous fie le jor par noef jors, e sanera  320.48
( MS: s.xv )  Pur rumpure dedens le corps [...]  165.E536
falc.pathol.rupture as an ailment of falcons, breaking of a swelling or blister (?)
( MS: s.xiiiex )  De autre enferté ravez la cure: [Pur] garir novele rumpure, Consolde menue est medcine [...], Si il n’est gari d’altre manere, Dunc li post tost venir felere =a type of jaundice affecting birds of prey. Veuz rumpure e sursané Avishunkes est medciné [...]  66.552 and 561
rumpure d’arest
1lawbreaking out of custody, escape from arrest
( MS: c.1450 )  pur cause de tresons, feloniez, rumpurez dez arrestez  398
rumperie  rumpour  rumpre  rumpture  ruptoire  rupture 
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