suffrablement (s.xiv1)

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suffrablement (s.xiv1)


[FEW: 12,401a sufferre; Gdf: 7,501b soufrablement; GdfC: ; TL: 9,727 sofrable (sofrablement); DEAF:  sofrir (sofrablement); DMF:  souffrablement; TLF: ; OED:  sufferably adv.; MED:  sufferabli adv.; DMLBS: ]


1patiently, tolerantly
( s.xiv1; MS: c.1361 )  vous pri moy oyez suffrablement (Latin: patienter)  (A) 374b
suffrable#1  suffragan  suffrager  suffrance  suffrant  suffraument  suffrauntement  suffrerus  suffrir 
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