suffrauntement (s.xiii2/4)

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suffrauntement (s.xiii2/4)


[FEW: *12,401a sufferre; Gdf: 7,504c soufranment; GdfC: ; TL: 9,736 sofrir (sofranment); DEAF:  sofrir (*); DMF: ; TLF: ; OED:  suffrant adj. (suffrantly); MED: ; DMLBS: ]

The reading suffrauntement is rejected by the editor in favour of suffraument as the line is hypermetric. He suggests the form has been affected by repentement on the following line. The reading is restored here as the form, as a regular adverbial derivative of the adjective suffrant may be a creation for the rhyme.


1patiently, tolerantly
( s.xiii2/4; MS: s.xivIN )  Tut atend il =God mult suffrauntement  (ed. suffraument) K'um revient a repentement  1737
suffrable#1  suffrablement  suffragan  suffrager  suffrance  suffrant  suffraument  suffre#1  suffrerus  suffrir 
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