pin2 (s.xiii1)

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pin2 (s.xiii1)

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[ FEW: 12,181a spina; Gdf: 6,165b pine 2; GdfC: ; TL: ; DEAF: ; DMF:  pine 2; TLF: ; OED:  pin n.1; MED:  pin n.; DMLBS: 2285c pinna ]
pl. pinnis  

While possibly an aphetic form of espine (cf. DMF and FEW), the word in Anglo-Norman is more likely to be a borrowing from English (Old English pin), which itself is believed to derive from Classical Latin pinna ('feather', see penne1).


1peg, pin, fastener
( MS: s.xiii1 )  elevatur stiva ab obliquando qua regitur aratrum cui capulus (glosses: pin, kivil) infigatur  ii 104.161
( 1377-82 )  .ij. grantz pinnes de feer  E101/547/21/7
( MS: s.xiii/xiv )  cavilla (glosses: (L) pin) (var. chevil (D)MS: xiii/xiv) axi firmiter sit intrusa  i 185.156 and ii 74.156
(TBD)  spinter: afficayl / ficayl / pin  ii 132.38
2footwearleather patch or laminate that is attached to the vamp of the shoe for custom fitting
(TBD)  inpedias: empenes / enpayns, wanpayns / vampes, les pinnes  ii 129.24
pinel#1  pinun  pinner  pinnercraft  pinnere#1  pynnynge  sclatpin  steyepin 
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