pervenke (s.xiii2)

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pervenke (s.xiii2)

[ hap]

[ FEW: 14,461a vincapervinca; Gdf: 6,119b pervenke; GdfC: 10,325b pervernche; TL: 7,809 pervenches; DEAF:  pervenche; DMF:  pervenche; TLF:  pervenche; OED:  perwinkle n.; MED:  pervink(e n.; DMLBS: 2250a pervinca ]
parvenke;  pervenk,  pervincle,  perwenke  


1bot.periwinkle, perennial plant with blue flowers, in reference to several plants of the genus Vinca
( s.xiii2; MS: c.1400 )  pervinca idem gallice et anglice pervenke  80.36
( c.1300 )  Item pur estauncher flux du saunk: Pernez cink foillis de pervenk et machez sauns transgluter  248.95
( MS: c.1325 )  Bevez la jous de pervincle e metés le pastel desure le mal endreyt dé pertuz  50.C234
fig.item of highest quality, paragon
( 1266-1300; MS: c.1300 )  de tous vins ce est le pervenke  101.1070
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